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price list

Boarding cost
one dog: $30
two dogs: $55
Three dogs: $80

Boarding cost is for a 24 hour period, and includes group play, administration of meds (if needed), and a temperature controlled kennel space.


Multiple dog rates are  based on the ability to have dogs from the same family sharing a kennel. Multiple dog rate will not be applied if dogs are too large to share a kennel.

Pack Walks
one dog: $10
two dogs: $15
Three dogs: $20
Pack walks are great for socialization and exercise.  When you get home from your trip, tired and ready to relax, your dog will be ready to relax with you!
dog boarding, prosser, dog kennel
Stuffed kong: $4
Dental Chew: $1
jerky treats:$1
brush out: $6
nail trim: $7
Special request? Just ask! We want your dogs stay to be the best experience possible.
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